Modular Turbine Control System

IBW developed the TurboLogics® Modular Turbine Control System.

TurboLogics® offers the highest level of operation transparency with SW and HW references for each process object. Time stamping of messages in the controller, loop in alarm functionality, built in reporting system, trending etc. are of outstanding quality. The totally integrated engineering approach for both controller and HMI software results in a system with absolute consistency. The graphical P&ID representation on the screen with informative faceplates (status of all input and output signals, automatic or manual control of drives) simplifies operation and maintenance work. Password-levels allow to limit the access level (view only, operate, reports, archives etc.).

Depending on our customers favoured control system, we engineer configurations with ABB, Allan Bradley and Siemens controller hardware.

TurboLogics® is a control package developed by IBW Engineering. Transparency and consistency throughout the application is achieved with TurboLogics Control System®.

The 1000 MW large dual fired (natural gas with diesel or crude oil backup) Riyadh PP8 power plant depends on the reliable TurboLogics® sequencer module. The sequencer automatically controls the start, stop and fuel changeover sequences of 20 gas turbine generator sets.

Power controllers (single CPU up with fail safe process connection up to fault tolerant redundant systems) guarantee highest availability and reliability.

A complete TurboLogics® upgrade allows fully automatic operation of the turbine through start-up, continuous operation and shutdown. In test mode the individual drives can be controlled manually by the maintenance personnel.

TurboLogics® turbine control system upgrade modules control and protect a full range of turbines including heavy-duty gas turbines aswell as other industries. Worldwide.